Frequently Asked Questions

Is the stuff you write about for real? (Thanks for submitting that question, Bob.)



Where did the name come from? 

Remember sometime in 2018 when a watered down version of a philosophical question about suicide got traction on social media for a week or two? Yeah no, it was in there somewhere.

Anyhow, the door on this life is always open. You can step out whenever you want. Or you can fix yourself some coffee and see what happens next. (And here, this blog, is where I write about what happens to me when I don’t kill myself. Sometimes it’s funny.)


What is it when it’s not funny?

Dramatic and weird. Pretty fucking raw but hopefully, usually a good combination of all of it. Because life is hilarious and excruciating. Worth living.


Who reads this blog?

Meh, mostly my Aunt Linda and other people who are probably worried about me lately.


Should they worry?