Up For Air

Today I cleaned off my desk. Yes, I shifted some of the junk—the loose change, un-cased DVDs, bracelets, mystery toothbrush—to my bed , but I have a space to sit down and write again, and that’s more important than presenting a non-eyebrow-raising sleeping place right now. I’ve been on sabbatical, off in the world doing the things I do that I eventually write about. The Universe served some unexpected dishes this time, and I’m still chewing on some pieces, digesting others.

I Met Gallagher

Gallagher 7.5 rtjpg

And I took pictures of him, argued with him about abortion. Debated words. Watched him hold court.

I Nearly Died


This story is nooooo fun, but I made it. I’ll trigger-warning the shit out of the blog about this one. Family members, if you insist on reading this, please call me first. (I’m looking at you, Aunt Linda. I love you.)

I Came Off Prozac

“I’m not sure if I’m manic or just normal again, but I’m rolling with it.” – Me to multiple people over the last month.

If your world has been burning, you’re not alone. My head is back in Story. More soon. I hope we all make it through today. Love love.